Highly Anticipated (by me) TYT Mobile Radio

MD-9600 TYT

Digital Mobile radio (DMR)
Use Time-Division Multiple-Access (TDMA) digital function Comply with digital protocol ETSI TS 102 361-1,-2,-3 Compatible with Mototrbo Tier II
GPS Optional

TYT MD-9600

Frequency Range:
VHF model: 136-174 MHz
UHF model: 400-480 MHz
PLL Channel Spacing: 6.25/25/12.5/25KHz
RF Power Output:
VHF 25/50W
UHF 25/45W
  • Analog and digital combined
  • Single call, group call and all call
  • ANI function
  • Encryption [unction
  • Remote kill/stun and activate
  • Short text message function
  • Call log check and edit function
  • Short text message check and edit function
  • Contacts check and edit function
  • PC programmable function
  • CTCSS/DCS encoding and decoding function
  • PC password protection function
  • Draft message edit function
  • 250 zones, 16 channels for each zone
  • 1000 channels
  • Color LCD display
  • Programmable functional keys
  • Voice prompt
  • Low voltage prompt
  • Upgradeable by firmware
  • Battery saving function
  • TOT
  • Emergency alert SQL setting
  • Scanning function and priority scanning
  • Monitor function
  • VOX transmitting
  • Lone worker
  • Time and zone setting
therder at MD-9600 will be available for pre-o


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