HDMI input to VGA adapter For Raspberry Pi

On my Raspberry Pi/DVAP I like to "tail the log" so I can read the stream of recent log-ins. This is particularly handy during nets and is why I require a dedicated monitor.

Since the Pi was designed to be a low cost training device for schools and school children, the video output choices are limited to HDMI, RCA video and serial through the GPIO.

A better choice for me would have been a VGA output, but of course, that would have increased production costs and taken up valuable board space.

My solution is an HDMI input to VGA adapter. I found several at Amazon.com. Here is the one that I am using. There are several different offerings on Amazon with a wide range of kudos/complaints in the reviews. Many of the negative reviews are from people who are trying to use the adapter backward; that is, trying to convert VGA to HDMI. This device will not do that, but if you want to hook up an old 15" VGA LCD monitor to your Pi, this is the ticket.

Some of the reviews for different iterations talk about needing to change Pi settings or problems with power. I have had none of those issues. I simply plugged it in and it worked. (Note: I have plenty of USB amps available to my Pi.)

Oh. yeah...  the price is currently $10.74 and is eligible for Amazon Prime.

Bonus Links: Amazon Prime-eligible cables for your Pi to help fill out that order:

6 Inch Micro USB Cable - A to Micro B  For USB hub to Pi.
6-Inch Mini USB Cable - A to Mini B  Replacement for DVAP to Pi cable.

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  1. Since I posted this earlier, the price on Amazon has dropped from $10.74 to $10.13


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