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AnyTone AT-D868UV dual-band VHF and UHF DMR portable

PRESS RELEASE October 2016 For Immediate Release INTRODUCTION OF THE  AnyTone  DMR DIGITAL/ANALOG VHF AND UHF RADIO Qixiang Electron Science & Technology Co., Ltd was founded in January 1993, and is locate in Quanzhou in China. Qixiang is a high-tech corporation specialized in design, production and marketing of wireless commu-nication equipment such as Digital and Analog Handheld Two Way Radio’s, Mobile Radio’s, Citizen Band Radio’s, WiFi Radio’s, Marine Radio’s and Cell Phone Repeaters under the name AnyTone. The new  AnyTone AT-D868UV  Dual Band DMR and Analog transceiver will be released to the US market on 1 March 2017. This is an advanced one chip radio complying with the MOTOTRBO Tier I and II specifications and offering 3 inherent power levels of 6W/2.5W/0.5W. The frequency bands include both 136—174 MHz and 400—480 MHz. The radio will auto-sense digital or analog transmissions and connect accordingly. It offers 1,000 channels as well as VFO tuning and for DMR